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Meet the team

Chloe Lee, Conference Organiser 

I am so excited to be part of the committee for Making from the Mess. Our concept is really about embracing the mistakes we all make and seeing them as opportunities for exploration and growth, in both our research but also in our day to day life. Once we recognise that mess is part of what we do, forming part of the landscape of research, we can begin to really grapple with our fields of enquiry, even if it feels uncomfortable and at times incoherent! I hope you can begin to go easy on the messy parts of research life, and this conference may help you to do so.

Polly Hember, Conference Organiser 

I am thrilled to be working with such an extraordinary team of mess-makers on such an exciting and important theme for this year's conference. I hope that we can work to question, reevaluate de-stigmatise the concept of 'mess' within research, embracing alternate forms of representation and learning from our mistakes. 


Martha Beard, Conference Organiser 

I am really excited to be part of this team. As an oral historian, I am fascinated by studying the subjective and inter-subjective relationship between the interviewee and interviewer that takes hold in oral history, particularly in peace building contexts. At times, as my current research is proving, this relationship can be incredibly ‘messy’ - but I believe it is within the ‘mess’ and confusion of narrative-making that fascinating insights can be made. I can`t wait to hear how others have encountered mess in their own research and to consider ways of celebrating this as a process!

Ellie Mumford, Conference Organiser

I am delighted to be working with such a great team on this year's conference.  Learning to manage 'mess' in its various forms has been one of the biggest challenges for me since starting out on the PhD journey, but I have also found that those 'messy' moments have presented me with the greatest opportunities for learning and growth.  


I am really looking forward to further exploring this fascinating and important theme at this year's conference.