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Fluidity, Creativity and Random Stupidity

13:30 - 14:30 


An open-minded exploration of creativity and it’s place within academic existence. Exploring notions of fluidity of self, where creation stems from, ownership verses wildness, how to play with expectation whilst vibrantly harnessing all that is possible. We will be working mainly with idea creation and exploring the inner worlds of ourselves and others through speculative thought and creative writing. Don’t worry! You all have something amazing to bring. It’s actually already there. Whatever your medium of expression or field of study, this session will ask why wild messiness is much needed within academia. Come and explore the possibles during this enticing and intriguing session!

Summer Phillips

Summer Phillips is a PhD student with the University of Kingston, London and a recipient
of the Techne Conflux Studentship. Summer focuses on human and non-human animal
perceptions and relations, drawing upon the fields of Human Animal Studies (HAS),
ecology, sociology, philosophy, futuristic physics and speculative creative writing.