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Game of cards

10:00 - 11:00


“I propose a game of cards, or consequences, which plays with an anthropology of emerging art galleries by turning transcripts into scripts, while anonymising, disorganising, reassembling and re-narrating current and historical anecdotes or observations, and wondering what will, if anything, emerge from that worth holding on to.”

Bruce Haines

'I am in my 3rd year of a full time TECHNE NPIF PhD at Kingston University in the School of Critical Studies and Creative Industries. For many years I was an exhibition organiser in the public sector and after curating/producing the Wales at Venice Pavilion in 2009, I ran my commercial gallery Ancient & Modern (latterly called Bruce Haines, Mayfair) until 2016. My PhD started out with the title "What Might Alternative Methods Of Representing Artists In The Commercial Sector Look Like?”. In my first year I put together a conference titled “Art Is No Business?” at Kingston University and I am presently figuring out a new title which might borrow from that, and an appropriate form of writing to reflect the auto ethnographic, historical and narrative content of the project.'